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Schaeffler conceived the new plan for urban transportation


 a global leader in innovative enterprises, Schaeffler has a large number of professional and technical, to make travel more economic, more environmentally friendly, more security. At present, Schaeffler is developing new transportation solutions. "Car and sports" during the general assembly, Schaeffler as a vehicle and industrial suppliers, put forward a creative name for the "hybrid bio" micro traffic (mobility micro) concept. The study shows a solution to Schaeffler's idea of urban transportation.
Transit in transition
Whether it is car, train, plane or bicycle, the traffic volume of urban center continues to increase, changing the way people travel. At the same time, the demand for zero emissions, clean traffic prompted the government to re-examine the traffic problems, but also gave birth to a new city center personal travel solutions. On this basis, adhering to its efficient drive, gallop the future of the overall strategic objectives, Schaeffler analysis of the application of the field and the future needs of individual travel, and ultimately the formation of the concept of hybrid bio.
Pure electric vehicles will not be sufficient to ensure that the future of passenger cars in the field of sustainable, energy-efficient transportation travel, Schaeffler, vice chief executive officer and chief technology officer of Limited by Share Ltd Peter Kuzma said. Hybrid bio is a solution for Schaeffler's idea of urban transportation. It is similar to a bicycle, but it eliminates the disadvantages of the weather and the lack of storage space. Due to the electric bicycle drive system speed limit of 25 km / h, so hybrid bio without a driver's license, you can drive on their own lanes, Professor Kuzma added.
Schaeffler micro traffic concept: hybrid bio
Schaeffler hybrid bio has many advantages, such as stability, all-weather, low energy consumption and high space utilization rate of electric bicycle. Using power assisted drive system (maximum 25 km / h) *, minimum travel distance of 50 km * *, the user can feel dynamic and comfortable driving experience. The new models have two front wheels and two rear wheels, which improve the safety and stability of driving. The body structure is compact (2.1 meters long, 1.5 meters high, wide 85 cm), track 80 cm can easily in the bike lane. Electric reverse gear can ensure the safety and smooth operation. The battery system is portable, the size of the luggage compartment can be adjusted, and the automatic shift system, 1 + 1 seats (2 seats) can be easily integrated into the existing facilities and daily life. Exquisite design and rich flavor of life, the hood structure of the design innovation, can easily through the rotary mechanism of intelligent shake to under the seat. Bio hybrid will accept the hood, turned into a stylish cabriolet, can enjoy the fresh air. The integration of the smart phone interface feature allows drivers to connect a large number of applications or access information, such as weather and traffic conditions at any time.
Professor Kuzma added: "the perfect infrastructure is an important prerequisite for the widespread use of personal transportation in the market. Big cities and major cities must continue to change, and they will do so. Cities, such as London, Paris and Singapore have invested millions of money to build their own lanes. High speed connecting city bicycle lanes, such as in the Ruhr area, you can quickly expand micro traffic. Currently Germany has discussed the legal limit to 40 km / h. All of these developments mean that our ideas have great potential to change urban traffic.

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