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SKF bearing code meaning


The complete code for rolling bearing parts and accessories is composed of basic code and additional code.
The basic code is composed of the bearing type code, the size series code and the inner diameter code. Represents the basic type, structure and size of the bearing, and is the basis of the bearing code.
Additional code is bearing structure shape, size, tolerance, technical requirements have changed in the basic code to add about the code. In basic code left to add the code for the pre code, to identify the bearing components, in the basic code the right to add the code to post code, used to said with the original design have distinction or difference with the current standard design problem.
1 prefix code
GS - thrust cylindrical roller, needle roller thrust bearing ring. For example: GS81107- 81107 seat thrust cylindrical roller bearings.
K - a combination of thrust roller and cage. Example: K81170.
K - with AFBMA standard series Inch Tapered Roller Bearings with roller and keep the frame assembly of the inner ring (inner cone or the outer ring Zhui Huan. Example: K-09067 - series of 09000 tapered roller bearing inner cone.
L - separate type bearing a single inner or outer ring. Example: LNU207 - cylindrical roller bearing NU207 of the inner ring.
L30207 - 30207 of the outer ring of tapered roller bearing.
R - the removal of a single inner ring or outer ring of the separation type bearing. Example: RNU207 - cylindrical roller bearing NU207 with roller and cage assembly of the outer ring. R30207 - inner ring of tapered roller bearing and cage assembly.
WS - thrust cylindrical roller, needle roller thrust shaft ring. Example: WS81107 - thrust cylindrical roller bearing 81107.

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