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Type selection of rolling bearing


When selecting the type of rolling bearing, the working load (size, nature, direction), speed and other requirements of the bearing should be considered.
1) high speed and small load, requirements high rotation precision timed ball bearings are used; low speed, heavy load or impact load when chooses roller bearings.
2) bearing at the same time by the radial and axial joint load, the general selection of angle contact ball bearing or tapered roller bearing; if the radial load is larger, the axial load small, deep groove ball bearings can be used; and axial to larger load, radial load is small, the thrust angular contact ball bearing bearing, four point contact ball bearing or selection of thrust ball bearing and deep groove ball bearing combination structure.
3 when the use of various types of bearings, the outer ring of the tilt angle should be controlled within the allowable angular deflection value, otherwise it will increase the bearing load and reduce the life of the bearing.
4) stiffness required larger shafting, should use double row ball bearings, roller bearings or four point contact ball bearing, load large or great impact force can be dual or multi row roller bearing is used in the same pivot. The stiffness of the bearing system can improve the rotation precision and reduce the vibration and noise of the shaft.
5) in order to facilitate the installation and removal of the clearance and adjust the clearance, the outer ring can be separated from the separation of bearings (such as tapered roller bearings, four point contact ball bearings).
6) bearing should pay attention to the economic. Ball bearings are cheaper than roller bearings. The same type of tolerance level of P0, P6, P5, P4, P2, rolling bearing price ratio of 1: 1.5: 2: 7: 10.

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